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Through a cutting-edge blend of established marketing strategy and sales automation, we help clients achieve core business objectives and delight their users with our elevated designs.

We leverage an end-to-end marketing strategy prioritizing every influential touch point to create meaningful customer journeys and guide customers to make confident purchasing decisions. 

Cultivate • nurture • convert

We combine design and strategy to create brand journeys that cultivate connections and convert.


Tailored Services Aligned with Your Marketing Vision


Say goodbye to finding creative services separately. Our website packages include everything from captivating product renders to graphic design, all in one place.


Don't waste time and resources on outsourcing—our comprehensive in-house team is equipped to handle all aspects of your project with precision and efficiency.


We take a holistic approach to our creative strategy, optimizing for every decision maker, ensuring a fluid and cohesive customer journey and maximizing outcomes.


Brand Design

Delving into your brand’s positioning allows us to pinpoint elements that resonate with your audience and craft a compelling narrative. Work with a team of experts who live and breathe branding, and can effectively deliver your brand’s unique message.

Logo Design

Brand Identity Systems

Brand Guidebooks

Brand Reveal Videos

Logo Animation

Brand Design

Web & UX Design

Our design process starts by mapping out every step in your customer’s discovery process to overcome potential hurdles and reach every stakeholder. As an award-winning design agency, we blend aesthetic appeal with functionality, leveraging the latest design trends paired with sales enablement workflows to drive purposeful user engagement.

Web/UX Design

User Flow Mapping

Accessibility-First Testing

Web & UX Design

Webflow Development

Leveraging cutting-edge development tools, custom functionality, SEO finesse, and elevated design to bring your brand’s digital presence to the next level. Composite is a Webflow Enterprise Partner. We create captivating websites that leverage best practices in web development for intuitive, responsive, and fast-loading sites.

Client-First Webflow Development

Wordpress to Webflow

Squarespace to Webflow

Headless Shopify

Custom API Integrations

Webflow Development

Custom 3D & Video

Whatever you can imagine, we can create. Our in-house design engineers take abstract concepts and turn them into stunning visuals with precision and clarity. Our motion graphics and video designers create high-quality content to attract, delight, and engage.

Custom 3D Scenes

Vector-Based Animations

Brand Reveal Videos

Logo Animation

Custom 3D & Video

Sales & Marketing Automation

At Composite, we understand the sales process begins before and after site visits. We nurture prospective customers with integrated marketing strategies at every touchpoint, nurturing customers along the way, for a fluid and cohesive customer journey.

Hubspot-Certified Implementation

Drip Campaign Automation

Full-Funnel Data Attribution

Content Marketing Enrichment

Sales & Marketing Automation

Low-Code App Development

We build apps that are cost-effective, faster to deliver, and provide simplicity for long-term internal management. Our low-code development applications are built on a Webflow-based tech stack that leverages best-in-class partners. Our team of expert UI designers create intuitive, beautiful apps that are flexible and built for scale.

Product UX Design

Low-Code/No-Code Development

Wized App Dev

Memberstack App Dev

Low-Code App Development
Brand Design
Web & UX Design
Webflow Development
Custom 3D & Video
Sales & Marketing Automation
Low-Code App Development

Industry Expertise



Kubery's innovative technology auto-scans the lending market, ensuring access to the best deals tailored to future revenue from a vast network of capital providers. With Kubefy, securing funding to fuel business growth has never been easier.

• Fintech


Caplight has reimagined institutional private market exposure and risk management through cutting-edge price tracking, data, and price tools for major institutional players, including investors, brokers, and shareholders navigating the private market landscape

• Energy


Galehead Development stands out as a premier developer specializing in renewable energy projects and impactful infrastructure leveraging proprietary technology to solidify their reputation as a trusted ally in sustainable innovation.

• Ecommerce


Surfaceworx specializes in high-performance marine coatings tailored for diverse applications including vessels, industrial settings, and bridges delivering unparalleled performance and exceptional value, ensuring lasting protection in demanding environments.

• Medtech


Ferronova develops technology that enables radiation oncologists and surgeons to accurately map the lymphatic system with advanced imagery. Their technology leverages the benefits of nanotechnology to drive new standards in cancer care.