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Helping Businesses Find Their Home In Wallingford

Wallingford is a mid-size town located in central Connecticut with a superior quality of life. Composite partnered with the town’s economic development commission to integrate a new digital marketing strategy and update the website’s landing page to increase conversion rates & attract new businesses to the area.

Making A Powerful First Impression

For the town of Wallingford, building a strong landing page was the first step in supporting the success of future digital marketing outreach as websites have become the first intermediary to develop relationships with potential new businesses in a digital economy.

Stimulating Growth with Data-Driven Design

Composite refined Wallingford’s landing page content with compelling statistics and an improved value proposition to align with prospective businesses’ decision making processes. This method of optimizing the UI/UX for enhanced domain authority and higher search engine rankings ultimately lead to improved engagement among more qualified leads.

Understanding the Brand and its Competitors

The initial brand analysis for the Town of Wallingford included the perceptual breakdown of competing locations like New York City and Boston, as well as the personification of different target market segments which would later serve as the framework for an aligned value proposition in the messaging strategy.

Building the Infrastructure for Sustained Growth

Composite’s collaborative efforts with the economic development commission were focused on improving the landing page and website as a lead-conversion tool that could also support future digital marketing initiatives.

Collecting Primary Research

Composite conducted a series of interviews with existing business owners in Wallingford to supplement the competitive analysis report with insight into real customers’ brand perceptions. During these interviews, Composite also collected testimonials from highly regarded business owners for use on the landing page to build credibility among the digital audience.

The Results

What We Accomplished


What Our Client Said

We partnered with Composite to redesign the Economic Development website to engage new businesses. They led us through a goals and objectives stage that involved understanding the nuances of municipal economic development, brand enhancement and subsequent market launch. The site was optimized to accept the newly developed digital channels the municipality had established. We found their clear and effective communication and ability to understand the uniqueness of our business impressive. We're extremely happy with the team at Composite and would highly recommend them to businesses looking for a high-performance web agency!

Tim Ryan

Economic Development Specialist, Wallingford CT

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