A Second Chance
for South African

Ukhanyo Foundation


South Africa is a country plagued by endemic poverty and high rates of inequality. For many low-income children, poverty is a trap that prevents them from continuing their education and finding meaningful employment. One particularly important hoop is the annual Matric exam, a test that certifies someone has completed high school.

Ukhanyo Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to giving disadvantaged youth a second chance at education. By providing academic support, mentorship, and career opportunities, participants can gain the skills necessary to pass the Matric exam and break the poverty cycle. With newfound corporate partners, Ukhanyo Foundation is looking towards a bright future.

Composite is a proud partner of Ukhanyo Foundation. We worked together to create a new logo, visual identity, and website for the growing non-profit. As the organization continues to grow, we will continue to help build their digital presence.


  1. Create new visual identity that builds credibility & brand equity in Ukhanyo Foundation

  2. Tell the story of disadvantaged South African youth through narrative

  3. Build a website to inform the public and collect donations


We started the Ukhanyo Foundation branding from scratch. The new logo combines a King Protea, South Africa’s national flower, and a book as a metaphor of growth through education. In addition, we used a green-purple color scheme to represent growth and wisdom.

The Story

What does the Ukhanyo Foundation do? Why do they do it? These are the questions that website visitors want to know. Using statistics and videos, we created a narrative that showcases the South African poverty cycle and what the Ukhanyo Foundation is doing to end it.

Donation Options

As a non-profit, Ukhanyo Foundation relies on donations to fund it’s programs. We worked with them to create a system where fundraising goals are visualized. Our system also lets donors choose to donate on a schedule.

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