Making Quantitative Trading Accessible Through Branding

Prophet Predictive Modeling


Prophet was an investment management startup that used quantitative models to beat the market. Targeting both small and large investors, the company planned to offer two services: a fully autonomous fund, and a subscription to their predictions. Before shutting down in 2020, Prophet and their model produced higher returns than traditional index funds.

The Prophet team approached us with a vision for a modern brand with the goal of bringing quantitative investing to all. We worked with them to create a logo and visual language.


  1. Make a logo that highlights the high-tech elements of the company

  2. Create a visual identity that is easily identifiable, modern, and trustworthy


Prophet is not a typical brokerage. Unlike other firms, Prophet uses machine learning to beat the market. To showcase this difference, we designed a logo that takes from the designs of IOS control levers and stock chart wicks.


In the investment world, a stable stock is known as a “blue chip.” We used a blue-purple gradient scheme to associate the Prophet brand with this stability. In addition, the white secondary colors give the brand a clean, high-tech look.

Visual Language

Just like with the logo, we took inspiration from stock charts for the Prophet's visual identity. The brand patterns are made up of increasing wave shapes, a simplification of the market’s rise and fall.