One Digital Experience from
Two Law Firms

Hoiberg Group


The Hoiberg Tax and Law Group is the product of the recent change in ownership of McGowan Hoiberg Law Group, P.A. and the acquisition of Plymouth Tax Consultants. With these changes, Hoiberg is a one-stop-shop for estate planning—they can draft wills and file tax returns. This new set of services required a new look.

Hoiberg brought us into this project to rebrand the business and create a new website. Our focus was to create a brand identity that conveys the benefits of estate planning with an emphasis on gain rather than potential loss. In addition, we wanted to drive traffic by making the Hoiberg website a hub for estate, tax, and probate law information.


  1. Create a brand identity that intuitively conveys the benefits of estate planning

  2. Build an easy-to-use website that drives conversions

  3. Establish the Hoiberg website as a resource for potential customers


We chose to associate the Hoiberg brand with an idea of lasting wealth. To do so, we used a heavy logo to create a sense of permanence. In addition, the navy scheme gives the site a sophisticated & traditional tone.

Information Content

An effective way to get customers online is through informational content. We worked with the Hoiberg team to create a comprehensive FAQ that bridges the gap between simple english and complicated legalese.

Making Mobile a Priority

Studies show that consumers do not have a preferred platform to find lawyers—phones and desktops are equally important. Thus, we have made sure that the Hoiberg site is responsive on any sized device.