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Reimagining The Digital Brand Of A World-Class Consultancy

Griot’s Eye uses the power of real-time illustrations to assist organizations in telling their stories at conferences, conventions, & events. Composite partnered with the industry pioneer to reimagine their  brand and digital presence to attract large corporate clients & support growing thought leadership.

Aligning Branding with a Fortified Digital Presence

With over 30 years of experience as an industry pioneer, Griot's Eye has been at the forefront of graphic recording before it was recognized by the name used today. Over their extensive history in the industry, Griot's Eye has worked with many of the top Fortune 500 companies, given keynote speaking engagements, & taught many current/future visual storytellers along the way. Our partnership focused on developing their website as an effective lead-conversion tool while paving the way for a growing future in educational content.

Attracting The Best In Business

Boasting clients including Google, Disney, Amazon, Nike, NASA, & other world-renown companies, Griot's Eye target clientele includes many of the best-in-class organizations in their respective fields. With extremely high standards for vendor selection, Griot's Eye's digital brand was built to match the sophistication and exemplary quality of service they provide.

Dedicated Landing Pages

We collaborated with Griot’s eye in a series of workshops to identify different use-case scenarios and detailed user personas for their visual storytelling services. These observations strategically guided the integration of the website’s information architecture and low fidelity UI/UX design to develop landing pages with nuanced target clientele.

Building A Platform For Thought Leadership

With over 30 years of experience in graphic recording, Christopher Fuller of Griot’s Eye has distinguished himself as an industry veteran. Designed to amplify his voice in the community of visual storytelling, the Insights page on the new website has become the key component in supporting his role as industry thought leader. Since elevating his digital platform, Fuller was invited directly through the Griot’s Eye website to be the keynote speaker at the 25th Anniversary IFVP Conference in 2020.

Strategic Planning for Future Growth

Building an infrastructure for sustainable growth is one key objective for every Composite website. Today, we continue to work alongside Griot’s Eye in developing product, pricing and promotional strategies for different educational resources on the fully functional Classes page to further monetize their industry expertise and capture value from their growing digital audience.

The Story of Griot's Eye Told Through Branding

A griot is a West African historian, storyteller, singer, and poet who maintains oral history. For Christopher Fuller, Chief Scribe and CEO of Griot’s Eye, the role of a visual scribe is no different—using art to capture complex narratives and ideas. The role of a griot was used as the basis of his brand, taking a literal interpretation of the eye to represent the visual aspect of a scribe’s work.

Embracing The Brand Story

Composite emphasized both the significance of a griot as a story teller in West African culture and the visual association with Griot’s Eye services by combining traditional West African design and the structure of an eye to communicate the Griot’s Eye mission and origin story through it’s logo design.

Distinctive Illustrative Language

We collaborated with Griot’s Eye to produce a distinct illustration style for the website that is a synonymous representation of the brand. The illustrations are characterized by a caricature of Chief Scribe, Christopher Fuller, drawn with the same colors and level of detail.

The Results

What We Accomplished


What Our Client Said

We're extremely happy with the work Composite did for us and the designs really aligned with what we envisioned. They did a lot of research on this project to make sure we were more than satisfied and thanks to their efforts, our site traffic, site engagement, lead conversion, and potential revenue has increased significantly. We have worked together for several years across various projects and based on their stellar work and previous results, hiring them again was an easy choice.

Christoper Fuller Profile picture – CEO and Chief Scribe of Griot's Eye
Christopher Fuller

CEO, Griot's Eye

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