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Griot's Eye


Griot’s Eye is the business of Christopher Fuller, a prominent visual scribe. Hired by the likes of Google, Disney, and Nike, Fuller and his associates use the power of real-time illustrations to assist organizations in telling their stories. Whether those stories are told via a meeting, conference, or presentation, Griot’s Eye will break down key ideas into memorable, digestible graphics.

Our collaborations with Griot’s Eye began in 2018 with the design of their logo and website. More recently, we have helped with content strategy and delivery. We continue to support them as they push boundaries in graphic recording, leading the way as a top consultant to many Fortune 500 companies.


  1. Design a brand that captures what it means to be a Griot, a West African storyteller

  2. Create a website that reflects the caliber of clients & work provided

  3. Work with Griot’s Eye to establish themselves as industry thought leaders

The Brand

A griot is a West African historian, storyteller, singer, and poet who maintains oral history. For Fuller, the role of a visual scribe is no different—using art to capture narative and ideas. We chose to use this as the basis of his brand, taking a literal interpretation of the eye to represent the visual aspect of a scribe’s work.

Becoming a Thought Leader

Entering the mainstream as recently as 1995, visual scribing is a relatively new field without a strong digital presence. We worked with Fuller, an industry veteran, to create regular blog posts in order to become a voice for his community. He has since been invited to be the keynote speaker for the IFVP.

Responding to Change

Adapting during hard times is key to any businesses survival. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked with Griot’s Eye to update their website. Site content was modified to reflect the questions potential customers may have about remote scribing.

Christoper Fuller Profile picture – CEO and Chief Scribe of Griot's Eye

Christopher Fuller

CEO of Griot's Eye

CG Digital was able to effectively communicate our brand story and help build our online presence to acquire new leads. Highly recommend for business owners looking to grow their companies!