Creating Equal Access for
STEAM Learning

City of Cambridge


The Cambridge STEAM Initiative brings education in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to residents of Cambridge, MA. The purpose of the program is to create an informed citizenry through free and accessible programming around the city. Before we were contacted, their branding did not reflect the forward thinking mission of the program.

We partnered with the City of Cambridge to create a brand identity and logo for the new initiative. Our main goals were to use the five aspects of STEAM to create a visual language that appealed to all involved parties.


  1. Create a logo that combines all five elements of STEAM

  2. Design a visual language that resonates equally with young participants and academic leaders.

Logo Mark

Our final logo is a flower made up of five overlapping circles. Each petal, all different colors, represents one of the five STEAM fields. We chose this metaphor because it is simple and effective—through collaborative education, the world opens like a bud in spring.


STEAM fields have always been more about nature than white lab coats. We choose to reflect this fact by using a blue-green color scheme, commonly associated with nature, science, and technology. In addition, we use the combinations of these colors to further reinforce the multidisciplinary aspect of the STEAM program.

Visual Language

A strength of our design language is it’s flexibility. As you would expect, the STEAM initiative is involved with many programs around Cambridge, each with their own branded material needs. In response, we created an easy-to-use design language built around simple building blocks.